Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Glow

This is Sho'nuff/The Shogun of Harlem.
He is a master and has obtained the Glow. This is from the movie The Last Dragon one of the Best/Worst movies from the 80's but a bonified favorite of mine. Lately, I am trying to obtain the Glow, in the form of losing weight and getting motivated.
While Im in this transition phase, Im letting my alter ego do the all the blogging. Some of you know who it is, but Ill never tell.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Family Guy

Hey all, it has been to sunny lately, causing me to be outside and away from the blog. This was from last weeks Family Guy parody of the BK kid. Be back soon!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

To make a long story as short as possible........


Well I got my new scoot......kind of. I picked it up last friday drove about 6 miles and thought to myself man this thing is hard to shift. So I drove to my friends house to pick up some concert tickets to FEIST(which was an awesome concert!!!!!!!!) then as I was driving away my throttle cable snapped and I couldnt get it back into to gear. So I was only a few streets away from my buddies house and I went back with my tail between my legs and parked it in his garage until the dealership could pick it up later that night. I then proceeded to walk to a bus stop and take a bus to about a mile from my house. Right when I got off the bus it started to down pour and I got soaked(LUV U TOO, PORTLAND) They called and told me they could fix it and I could get it on Tuesday. All weekend I was scooterless :(. Finally Tuesday(today) rolls around and I hop on the MAX train and then walk a few blocks to the Vespa dealer. I see my scoot looking all sparkly in the sun and a immediate smile hits my face. I get on and ride away, and it is awesome!!!!!!!!! The sun is shinning and I just picked up the new Morrissey and Flaming Lips CDs released today. Then about 3 blocks away from my house on the way home, Im cruising at about 35mph my scooter loses all power kills right in the middle of traffic. Fearing that I will be hit I quickly get over to the side and push my home. They are coming to pick up my scooter tomorrow, I am trying to be very patient but Im thinking about blowing something up in the meantime.....any suggestions?.................

New Morrissey CD Review

I love the Mozzer! That being said this Cd is better than his last 3 cds. My last favorite Moz cd was Vauxhaul and I, and it was truly his best solo effort in my opinon. It does feel though that he took some rejected Smiths songs and what every he has been feeling lately and tried to cram it into a poem. It lacks the mysterious of the Smiths songs, cause he just spells everything out for you now. I would say half the songs are great and the other half are ehhhhhh.....

The New Flaming Lips CD

Now here is a band that never ceases to amaze. Truly awesome is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring has Sprung

This is part of my backyard. I just thought I would share some pics, these were taken last week and all the dirt spots next to the flowers are now filled in with really pretty flowers. I would have posted newer pics but the wife let the batteries die on the camera. We just bought our house last November and were blessed with a truly wonderful garden that neither my wife or I know how to care for. I hope you enjoy these pictures cause we tend to kill any and all living plants in our sight. I think just our looking at plants creates some sort of salt in the air that eventually rains down and destroys stuff.

I cant wait, I have purchased a new scoot, so my avatar will be changing soon. It is Silver and the assholes wont let me pic it up untill FRIDAY.(DAMN!!!!) Im keeping my old scoot for the time being, but it will most likely end up being covered with a blanket and sitting in a corner of the shop. This is kinda sad.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Color Should I Get??????

It has come time for a new scoot. I am very sad about having to sell my old one, but it just isnt fast enough to handle the traffic I drive in.
The New Scoot advantages vs old one,
95 mpg(AWESOME!!) V. 85 mpg
Highway Legal V. Not Highway leagl
60mph V. 34mph
2 people can ride on it V. driver only

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today...My Tribute to BRAK

This is Brak. He is who I think I most resemble when it comes to cartoon characters. He originated on Space Ghost in the 60's, and was brought back to life by Andy Merill for Space Ghost Coast to Coast and then was given his own show, only to be canceled about 2 years ago.
So everybody, here is my salute to the funniest cartoon ever created.
Feel free to tell me who your favorite cartoon is, I promise I wont make fun of you.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I got Tagged........

Elliott Smith......Jeff Buckley..............Flaming Lips

The Smiths ..............................M. Ward

These are my favorites right now, but its always changing,

1. Paul's Song....................M. Ward..Transitor Radio
2. Witches Rave.................Jeff Buckley..Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk
3. Asleep...........................The Smiths..Louder than Bombs
4. The Gash........................Flaming Lips..Soft Bulliten
5. Miss Misery....................Elliott Smith..Good Will Hunting SDTK
6. Smile Like You Mean it...The Killers..Hot Fuss
7. City of Dreams...............Talking Heads..Sand in the Vaseline
8. That Girl from Brownsville texas....Jim White..Drill a hole in the Substrate
9. Its Not...........................Amy Mann..Lost in Space
10. Bend and Break............Keane..Hopes and Fears
11. You Gotta Move...........HeatMiser..Mic City Sons
12. Wordless Chorus..........My Morning Jacket..Z
13. Electronic Renaissance..Belle & Sebastian..Tigermilk
14. Conceived....................Beth Orton..Comfort of Strangers

++Special note for ING, for some reason I cant get to your blog. It keeps telling me Im not allowed, I just didnt want you to think I stopped commenting.